About us

Visa, Turisme de Barcelona and Biosphere, three international leaders that are clearly committed to sustainability and responsible tourism.

Turisme de Barcelona

The Barcelona Tourism Consortium works to project, energize and position Barcelona as an international tourist destination through knowledge of its culture and idiosyncrasy based on an added value offer and in accordance with criteria for segmenting audiences and interests.

In its mission, the consortium acts as a facilitating agent to highlight the activity around the visitor economy through the projection of an aspirational and transformative destination that offers values that allow us to live and coexist in an environment full of life, sustainable, responsible, and committed to the criteria of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, reinforcing its brand and promoting the revitalization and return, material and immaterial, generated by visitors.

All of this with the aim of impacting the visitor economy on the entire citizenry and economy of the city and its radius of influence.

  • Work to build the international reputation of the destination in accordance with the Barcelona brand.
  • Guides international audiences to make the most of the destination.
  • Capture reference events to generate economic activity, energize productive sectors and create well-being.
  • Help, as a facilitating agent, grow businesses in accordance with new trends.

The vision of Turisme de Barcelona is to be and act as a national and international reference in terms of promotion and marketing at the service of the economy and the tourism sector from the values of sustainability and public-private understanding.

The corporate values are the following:

  • Social, economic and environmental commitment
  • Quality guaranteeing the sustainability of the destination
  • Innovation
  • Holistic vision with a global perspective to achieve the objectives set and in accordance with a certain vision of culture and territory in all its scope
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Knowledge.


Visa is a digital payments network that connects people from more than 200 countries in the world with the global economy, allowing more and more people to have access to tools that help them break down financial barriers and work on management models. more sustainable that allow them to prosper towards a society where they feel more accepted and included, where they participate.

Innovation is our DNA to help build a better world, when we innovate, we bring new opportunities, we seek positive change not only thinking about people, but also thinking about protecting our planet and promoting formulas in which payments are increasingly sustainable.

Visa leads by example, we have achieved carbon neutrality in our operations, we use 100% renewable electricity in our global offices and data processing centers, we ally with partners that use reused materials in emissions of cards, or that are capable of calculating the carbon footprint of each payment. And now, we announce a new alliance with Barcelona Turisme and the Barcelona Sustainable Gastronomy initiative, we seek to promote a network of restaurants to comply with some of the sustainability attributes marked in the 17 United Nations SDGs such as, for example , better use of resources through the digitalization of processes, an improvement that helps make energy use and labor relations more efficient, undoubtedly some of the key pillars for change to occur in the challenge of the 2030 agenda.

Initiative that represents a response to a need identified in a traveler who is increasingly concerned about the impact they cause on their destination. 87%* of travelers who visit Spain declare that they are willing to choose eco-friendly and sustainable solutions at the destination.

With the Barcelona Sustainable Gastronomy initiative, we join the challenge of sustainability by supporting the city of Barcelona, one of the most relevant tourist destinations in Spain, to also become a leading destination in sustainable restaurants.


Biosphere is the international sustainability management, recognition and certification system of the Institute for Responsible Tourism (ITR), based on the 2030 Agenda, the 17 SDGs and 169 goals of the United Nations.

With indicators developed jointly with UN-SDSN, it is the only methodology in the world created as a result of the 4 summits of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism sponsored by UNESCO and UNWTO, and that allows connecting DMOs, business community, citizens and tourists to real time, to highlight the sustainable practices implemented.

The exciting and positive continuous improvement system for any entity, where the achievements and progress of all the actors involved in the destination can be shared with the guarantee of know-how based on international sustainability principles and objectives.

Biosphere thus constitutes the international process for alignment, in a viable and scalable way. With 100% online tools, you manage and recognize your sustainability at your own pace and based on your needs and resources:

  • Involve your employees without limit of users
  • Promote continuous improvement in ESG in a real and attractive way
  • Apply efficiency models and improve your productivity
  • Reduce costs and maximize the survival of your business
  • Position yourself with an international guaranteed recognition
  • Reach more responsible and conscious clients directly

The BIOSPHERE© certification is granted by the Institute of Responsible Tourism (ITR), an independent organization created in 1995 with the aim of promoting sustainable development actions and programs in destinations and companies. With more than 25 years of experience, the ITR was born supported by UNESCO through a Memorandum of Understanding that has made possible the development of activities, projects and cooperation events between both organizations.

Pioneer in the sector and recognized as the best sustainability management and certification tool in the world, Biosphere has been the first system to: incorporate social and cultural issues (1998), recognize and value the sustainable efforts of a destination worldwide (2009) and develop an online certification process (2015).