The Quality Seal

With the Sustainable Restaurants Guide and the Barcelona Sustainable Gastronomy Quality Seal, we make a determined commitment to give back to restaurants everything they have done for the international image of Barcelona and its gastronomy.

Visa, Turisme de Barcelona and Biosphere collaborate to create a distinctive seal that only those restaurants that are committed to sustainability and work to improve their practices according to the standards defined by the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals will have.

With the support and accompaniment of the Biosphere work team, the restaurants will be able to comply with good practices in sustainability that will allow them to be part of a project with an international dimension, identified with a distinctive Quality Seal, Barcelona Sustainable Gastronomy, which will allow to know and recognize the restaurants in Barcelona that are committed to sustainability.

A guide and a Quality Seal that will help the millions of tourists who visit Barcelona every year to identify the best practices in favor of sustainability and the environment when choosing which restaurants to visit during their stay.

Because Barcelona’s restaurants and their professionals work to give the best and deserve the best, with the support of the best to cook together for the future.